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keep your business safe.

fivetimesnine - keep your business safe.

fivetimesnine - high availability, clustering and the operation of Linux systems.

Linux Cluster Systems
  • Linux Cluster Systems

    • Linux based cluster solutions for avoiding unplanned downtimes

      If you value maximum uninterrupted availability of services critical to your business and you want to avoid unplanned downtimes, then fivetimesnine is the right partner for you. fivetimesnine provides individual business continuity solutions in the form of Linux© based high-availability clusters, load-balancing clusters and storage clusters.

Linux Consulting
  • Linux Consulting

    • Expertise for individual business continuity solutions

      If you’re looking for expertise in the fields of business continuity, disaster prevention, high availability, load balancing, virtualization or the optimization of existing Linux© installations, then fivetimesnine is the right partner for you. We will be happy to place our many years of experience at your disposal and guide and assist you during every phase of your project: selection, planning, integration, documentation and operation.

Linux Support
  • Linux Support

    • From SLA to 24/7 support

      We can offer you various service level agreements for the maintenance and servicing of our Linux©-based high-availability and cluster solutions. Also general and specific support for Debian GNU/Linux©, RedHat© (or CentOS) and SUSE© systems. From e-mail support right up to guaranteed response times right around the clock.


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